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Carrotmob Chicago
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The Carrotmob Chicago
A "Colossal Carrot" helped Terracom create buzz for Carrotmob Chicago.

The idea is simple and alluring: Reward businesses for going green – enticing them with a “carrot” of increased sales – rather than punishing them for “business as usual.” When several local nonprofits led by Chicago Net Impact planned to “mob” Chicago’s Fox & Obel Market to reward it for committing to energy-efficient improvements, they asked Terracom to spread the word.

Terracom had five weeks to help make it rain customers on the designated Carrotmob day. It drew on traditional and new PR tools, as well as an array of creative partners to inspire action. Highlights of the campaign include:

  • Creating a 10-foot “Colossal Carrot” to promote the event
  • Using social media to spread the word and create buzz
  • Recruiting a local radio host, who championed and promoted the event
  • Creating and posting a video to promote the event
  • Creating eye-catching “Carrot Cards” with event information and store discounts to distribute as part of in-store and on-the-street promotion

  • PR Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Writing & Editing
  • Project Management, Including Graphic Design, Video Production, and Prop Creation and Direction for the "Colossal Carrot"

Selected results from this project include:
  • More than $4,000 raised, half of which would fund green upgrades at Fox & Obel
  • A prototype for other Carrotmobs – another group indicated interest in using some of Terracom’s strategies for a “mob” it was planning

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