Cycle P15's Augmented Reality

The Cycle P15 art installation includes three images that trigger an artist's video animation. Each one helps tell the story of removing phosphorus from our wastewater and turning it into non-polluting fertilizer.

To view them, assuming you've set up Aurasma on your mobile device, open Aurasma. Point your device at one of the images below, or at a Cycle P15 post card, as though you were going to take a picture of it. When you have your device the right distance from the image, the moving dots you see on your device's screen will disappear -- and the show will begin.

Or if you'd like a shortcut to the augmented reality artwork, that doesn't involve downloading the app, click on each of these images. Each one will take you to a link that will show the video animation that it triggers.

An artist's abstraction of microscopic organisms

Phosphorus-accumulating organisms take up phosphorus from wastewater.


An artist's abstraction of bubbles in aerating water

Oxygen helps the microbes do their job, so wastewater is aerated to give them more oxygen.



An artist's rendering of a plant root

Plant roots emit chemicals that call for nutrients in the resulting fertilizer, which responds.