An icon representing an antenna emitting a signal
A game icon

The Art Installation and Game

Cycle P15 is designed to be a fun and engaging way to build awareness of a critical water-quality issue, advances in addressing it and actions residents can take to help.

It is both artwork and a game to play. Twister is among its inspirations, with the floor serving as the game board and colored circles guiding players’ next steps. The circles, which contain icons representing steps in the phosphorus-recovery process, emanate from an easel, where three augmented-reality artworks punctuate the play.

Trivial Pursuit is another inspiration, with players advancing by answering water-related questions that both entertain and educate.

An introduction [PDF 708 kb] provides background and a legend [PDF 5.1 mb] is a guide to the icons.

They all work together to tell the story of the transformation of phosphorus from a nutrient to a pollutant back to a nutrient again.

View photos of the Cycle P15: Game On! event.