Christine is attentive, flexible, detail-oriented, fast and she gets great results. She is adapting to the changing media landscape and is willing to experiment. Plus, she has fun sense of humor and is a joy to work with.

Nicole Gotthelf, Director of Development & Strategic Communications, Center for Neighborhood Technology

Apex Award

2013 Award of Excellence - Writing Series - A Primer on Biochar and Biochar Research

Client: Bartlett Tree Experts

Terracom placed and wrote a series of feature articles demonstrating Bartlett's leadership in urban forestry research.

Read Biochar: A Game-Changer for Soils and Delving Into Biochar ...


2012 Award of Excellence - High-Tech, Sustainable Landscape Management & Design

Client: Bartlett Tree Experts

Terracom placed and wrote a feature article that showcases Bartlett's cutting-edge technology and clients.
Read the award-winning article ...

2011 Award of Excellence - The Science of Tree Care

Client: Bartlett Tree Experts

Terracom placed and wrote a series of three feature articles that have helped Bartlett build its brand as an innovative science- and research-based company -- and differentiate it from the competition.
Read one of the award-winning articles ...

2009 Award of Excellence - City of Chicago Green Pavilion
Client: Chicago Department of Environment

The Chicago Department of Environment wanted to use the City's Green Festival pavilion to offer simple steps people can take to help battle climate change -- and save money. As part of a team headed by WRD Environmental, Terracom delivered.

Read the award-winning pavilion copy ...

2008 Award of Excellence - GreenWorks Award Press Release
Client: WRD Environmental

When WRD Environmental won a prestigious GreenWorks Award from the City of Chicago, Terracom used it as a springboard for strategically raising WRD's profile.

Read the award-winning press release ...

2006 Award of Excellence -
Client: WRD Environmental

WRD Environmental's new website, for which Terracom was consultant, writer and project manager, needed to succinctly introduce the firm and its range of services and results, while conveying WRD's core values.

Visit the award-winning WRD website ...


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