Christine saw 20 years ago what most of us can see now – that practices of care follow awareness and that work like hers is critical in helping people of the region to see the natural systems all around them.

The Rev. Dr. Clare Butterfield, Executive Director, Faith in Place

Communitas Award

2010 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility - Making a Difference
Terracom's Christine Esposito has been recognized as a green pioneer with a Communitas Award. The award "honors those special companies, organizations and individuals that go beyond rhetoric and whose commitment sets them apart."

Ms. Esposito was honored for launching Terracom in 1990 specifically to use environmental communications to effect positive change, well before the terms "green" and "sustainability" had become as mainstream as they are today. With an emphasis on civic contributions, the award also recognized her extensive pro bono work on behalf of a variety of sustainability-focused nonprofit organizations.


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