The Chicago Wilderness region is blessed not only with biodiversity, but with caring and passionate people like you who play a vital role in regional conservation efforts.

Melinda Pruett-Jones,

Executive Director, Chicago Wilderness

Grassroots Conservation Leadership Award

Terracom's Christine Esposito was recognized with a 2010 Grassroots Conservation Leadership Award by the Chicago Wilderness Habitat Project for her work promoting Wild Things: A Chicago Wilderness Conference for People & Nature.

Academy Awards of Conservation

“These are the Academy Awards of conservation,” said Karen Glennemeier, Science Director of Audubon Chicago Region. “All nominees are proposed and selected by the region’s leaders and volunteers.

“Ms. Esposito’s ability to harness the power of major print, broadcast and online media has brought the message of land conservation, habitat restoration and the role of volunteers in making them happen to millions of people. She clearly shares Audubon’s mission and understands that central to what we’re doing is building community. And that’s what she’s been helping us accomplish, much of it through her generosity.”


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