Terracom Experience

Christine Esposito has been cited in US News & World Report and profiled as a green business leader by WBBM Newsradio 780 [audio download], the Daily Herald and Mindful Metropolis magazine.

In 1990, she launched Terracom to help green organizations grow in impact through strategic communications. She has since advanced the missions of a variety of green and sustainability-oriented businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Most recently, her work has centered on connecting innovators to help them collaborate on developing new ways to engage people in pressing environmental issues, while creating unique marketing opportunities for forward-thinking, environmentally minded brands. Her latest connections revolve around bringing together science and art in collaborations that build awareness and inspire action, and help education-driven green businesses reach new audiences.

Christine's environmental involvement dates back to the first Earth Day, when as a teen, she took part in a "teach in." She drew on her creativity to present an analogy from baseball to illustrate the state of the environment for younger students.

She remained environmentally active while she obtained a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and went on to feed her passion for environment by obtaining a Master of Landscape Architecture degree, also from UIUC.

Her goal became to use communications as a way to effect positive change in the realm of landscape and the environment. As an editor at American Nurseryman magazine, she successfully advocated for and managed expansion of the magazine's editorial coverage of landscape topics. Later at Openlands, as PR and communications director, she gained news and community affairs placements that appered an average of once a day -- dramatically growing the reach and impact of this regional conservation organization.

Her experience and educational pursuits, including a Certificate of Integrated Marketing from the University of Chicago, have positioned Terracom to creatively build new partnerships and develop new approaches to green communications that broaden awareness, spur action and promote innovative brands.


Terracom Awards

2016 Gold MarCom Creative Award

2013 Gold MarCom Creative Awards

2013 Apex Award for Publication Excellence

2012 Gold MarCom Creative Award

2012 Apex Award for Publication Excellence

2012 Silver Trumpet Award

2011 Gold MarCom Creative Award

2011 Apex Award for Publication Excellence

2011 Golden Trumpet Award

2010 Gold MarCom Creative Award

2010 Silver Trumpet Award

2010 Grassroots Conservation Leadership Award

2010 Communitas Award

2009 Gold MarCom Creative Award

2009 Eco Awards for Excellence in Environmental Communications

2009 Apex Award for Publication Excellence

2009 Golden Trumpet Award

2008 MarCom Creative Awards

2008 Apex Award for Publication Excellence

2008 Silver Trumpet Award

2007 Gold MarCom Creative Award

2007 Golden Trumpet Award

2006 Best Marketing Article Award

2006 Gold MarCom Creative Award

2006 Apex Award for Publication Excellence

2006 Silver Trumpet Award

2005 MarCom Creative Awards