Celebrating Terracom's 20th Anniversary

Midwestern grassland scene. Photo: Jerry Kumery

Photo: Jerry Kumery

Since its founding in 1990, Terracom Public Relations has focused on telling the stories of green organizations, to help them grow in size and impact. The goal: Use strategic PR and marketing communications to effect positive change. Now, 20 years and many awards later, Terracom has helped heighten the visibility and advance the issues of nearly 50 green organizations.

Along the way we’ve advanced green ideas by drawing attention to a range of conservation projects, Great Lakes water quality issues, renewable energy, brownfield redevelopment, urban forestry, wildlife habitat preservation and restoration, climate change, invasive species, urban greening, sustainable agriculture, energy and water conservation, environmentally friendly stormwater management, green building, sustainable development, smart growth, eco-fashion, eco-transportation and more.

To celebrate this 20th anniversary, we’ve introduced a new logo. An updated logo, really. While retaining the essence of the original, we believe it conveys the energy and forward movement – yet stability – that Terracom embodies. It also speaks to the connections Terracom makes, linking green ideas with the general public, and green organizations and innovators with each other.

But at least as rewarding and enriching are the connections Terracom has made with clients and colleagues over the years. We look forward to building upon and growing them as we partner on our collective mission of effecting positive change.

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