Introducing Terracom 2.0

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For 25 years, Terracom has been dedicated to effecting positive change through strategic communications. Working with forward-thinking clients, I have had the good fortune to bring attention to a host of environmental and sustainability issues.

While the need remains, and is even more urgent, the communications landscape has changed dramatically. This has helped spur me to pursue new ways to engage audiences in critical environmental issues. Art is one of them.

Over the past year and a half, I have been working to convene artists and scientists to exchange ideas and collaborate in developing a series of art exhibits that explore climate change impacts in the Chicago region to help spur further climate action.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Virtually all of the 45 or so environmental and arts leaders with whom I have discussed the project – whose working title is Ex.Change – have expressed interest in it. A variety of major Chicago institutions want to be involved.

I am also happy to say that Liam Heneghan, Ph.D., Chair of the Environmental Science and Studies department at DePaul University, has agreed to be the science curator of the project. And conversations continue with respected Chicago art venues in a quest to secure a home for Ex.Change.

In the meantime, I have assembled partners and developed a pilot art/science project that has been selected to be part of Chicago Artists Month. Cycle P15 is an art installation celebrating innovation in recovering phosphorus from Chicago-area wastewater and transforming it into non-polluting fertilizer.

Terracom 2.0

All of this has laid the groundwork for Terracom 2.0 – just in time for Terracom’s 25th anniversary. The new Terracom connects innovators and helps them collaborate on developing new ways to engage people in pressing environmental issues. Terracom is now a:


Recognizing and seizing opportunities to bring ideas to new audiences, and developing vehicles for stimulating curiosity and interaction.


Identifying and assembling individuals and organizations to cultivate new alliances that build awareness and spur action.


Identifying avenues for reaching stakeholders – from micro to macro strategies.


Managing projects from concept development through execution.

Terracom remains committed to advancing green ideas. And in the rapidly changing communications landscape, the need to explore both new partnerships and new vehicles to engage broader audiences is clear. Terracom 2.0 does just that.

Christine Esposito, Founder

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