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Twitter and Your Green Brand
Christine Esposito, President, Terracom Public Relations

Twitter’s been called a lot of things. But one label that fits to a tee is “brand-builder.” As a way for your audiences to experience your brand on a daily basis, it offers a host of opportunities to show who you are and what you stand for.

Here are some tips for harnessing the power of Twitter to help build your green brand.

Tweets and retweets. What you tweet and retweet speaks volumes about your brand. Are the topics consistent with the mission and core values of your organization? If so, they reinforce your brand.

Providing value. Being in business is about providing a product or service of value to your customers. Providing value should also drive your tweets, whether it's in the form of useful information or occasional entertainment.

Live micro-blogging. When you tweet from events of interest to people in your community, you accomplish two things: You provide value by sharing content they care about or can use, and you demonstrate that you live your brand.

What are you doing? Are you planning to help restore a wetland or volunteer at a recycling event? Tweet about it. It shows you walk your green talk.

Following. Who you follow speaks to your brand. Use your brand lens when deciding who to add.    

#FollowFriday and #EcoMonday. Who you recommend that others follow can support your brand. And when influencers recommend following you, it’s a powerful brand boost.

Responsiveness. Your brand is built on how people experience you and your organization. When you respond in a timely and thoughtful manner to direct messages, retweets and replies, you create a positive experience of your company.

Keep your brand top of mind whenever you’re on Twitter, and you’ll create lasting and loyal connections with the people you want to reach.

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