Terracom Projects

Audubon Chicago Region
Common yellowthroat bird with a freshly caught insect. Photo: Jerry Kumery
Photo: Jerry Kumery

Acting on behalf of the Chicago Wilderness Coalition, Audubon retained Terracom to publicize Wild Things: A Chicago Wilderness Conference for People & Nature. The event would be a chance for volunteers who work to protect and restore local nature to learn from conservation experts, share ideas and celebrate their successes. It would also build the ranks of citizen scientists who contribute their time and talents to restore wildlife habitat throughout the Chicago area.

Publicity for the first-time conference generated more than 4.4 million media impressions and helped draw nearly 800 people, twice the number Audubon had hoped for.

Pleased with the results, the organizers have continued to retain Terracom for the biennial event. Attendance for the most recent Wild Things topped a thousand people.


  • PR Strategy
  • Media Relations

Selected results from these projects include:
  • An ABC7 Live Green feature
  • An eight-minute feature on Chicago Public Radio
  • Coverage by top-ranking WBBM-AM Newsradio 78
  • Pre- and post-event features in:
  • Several print and online featured listings, including:
    • Chicago Reader
    • Chicago Sun-Times
    • Crain's Chicago Business
    • Conscious Choice
    • A variety of gardening, sustainability, planning and environmental websites and blogs
  • Successful expanded outreach to the younger demographic with coverage including:
    • TimeOut Chicago
    • World Changing Chicago
    • University Environmental Newsletters and Listservs
  • Interest by several reporters in doing future related stories
  • A MarCom Creative Award, in an international competition recognizing marketing and communications excellence

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